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Geek and Sheek!!

Calling all my geeky lean, opex & analyst friends🫵

You can be as confident as The Fonz & The Rock just by...

thinking like a scientist 👩‍🔬

back in high school...i wasn't considered what the kids would call cool

I checked all the boxes for nerd:

☑️in all AP classes

☑️on the speech team

☑️a part of the National Honor Society

so it was nothing less than ironic sitting in my chair in AP English

when the announcement came over the intercom the prom court my senior year (Class of '95 is alive ya'll!)

"...Sam Morgan..."

i sat stunned as my classmates cheered

it took all the confidence i could muster to ask my date to the dance

now what was i supposed to do

the night of prom a month later i was flustered

driving my older sisters car with my date in the passenger seat and another couple in the back

through the busy streets of Downtown Portland on a Saturday night

so anxious, palms sweaty, mind focused, hands clinched on the steering wheel 😰

then out of nowhere I could see the headlights heading straight for us

i hit the accelerator as hard as i could

the sedan missed us by inches

shaken...nerves rattled to another level

i wanted to run, to go back home and hide under the covers 🛏️

i wasnt cut out for this driving or dating or dancing

but i didnt want to let them think i didnt have it together

so I pressed on

somehow all four of us made it to the dance hall that night in one piece....and had a great time

but that geeky, fearful Sam didnt feel enough

didnt feel confident

that is until this year when i launched my own coaching business and left the organization I'd been working with for 9 years

and what led to this transformation from geek to sheek?

Hint: it all has to do with the connection between scientific thinking and confidence

All is revealed in this episode of the Gemba Academy podcast and my chat with Ron Pereira

comment below ⬇️ on a "prom night" moment you have had in your life

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