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Check out our podcasts where we'll discuss ways to uncover your purpose and the power of scientific thinking to build confidence and encourage a move toward your next big thing!

Continuous Improvement and Becoming a Coach with Sam Morgan
Continuous Improvement and Becoming a Coach with Sam MorganThe Edges of Lean & Sam Morgan
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The role of a good coach in continuous improvement is a key to CI success.

At some point, we all need to step into the role of a coach whether as a leader, a professional coach, or simply coaching others in our day-to-day interactions.  Sam Morgan has been developing his coaching skills but had to overcome many obstacles to become a confident coach. I invited Sam back to the Edges of Lean to talk about his growth as a coach and what he has learned as he gains experience and expertise as a coach.

Sam Morgan on Being a ”Confident Learner” and a ”Light” for Others in Continuous Improvement
Sam Morgan on Being a ”Confident Learner” and a ”Light” for Others in Continuous ImprovementLean Blog Interview & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 1:09:52

Joining me for Episode #457 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Sam Morgan. Sam is a self-proclaimed “confident learner” and earlier this year after 5 years of practice in the continuous improvement space he landed at KataCon, a conference for continuous improvement professionals who practice the Toyota Kata.  At KataCon, he had a powerful moment realizing where his true passion lies: transforming people through coaching. I'll ask Sam more about that. Sam finds joy in seeing his clients move from fearful to fearless; from insecure to confident. 

Building a Diverse Continuous Improvement Community with Sam Morgan and Andres Alamillo
Building a Diverse Continuous Improvement Community with Sam Morgan and Andres AlamilloGemba Academy Podcast
00:00 / 44:12

This week’s guests are Sam Morgan and Andres Alamillo. Ron, Sam, and Andres discussed the importance of diversity in continuous improvement, using the kata framework as a lens. 

Discover Purpose & Learn Lean with Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan, Founder of Illuminate Coaching & Consulting, explains how a lean business model can breathe new life into your obligatory meetings. Sam explains how the principles of lean can improve engagement, purpose and experience for employees. Sam shares the ways he has implemented these concepts into his corporate work and how his clients can add a lean mindset into theirs. Sam teaches heart-centered lean leaders how to thrive! Sam is passionate about creating people-first environments through his coaching and training and is a proud partner of hr-4u inc. Listen to Sam to learn all about lean, purpose-driven work, heart-centered leadership and empowering people to be their full selves.

Sam Morgan's Journey as a Lean and Ops Leader

Join us for an episode that uncovers the remarkable journey of Sam Morgan, a visionary in the realm of Lean and operations. With an uncanny ability to empathize with fellow leaders, Sam's insights resonate deeply with those facing uncertainty and fear. Step into Sam's shoes as he recalls his own unsettling moments, a path familiar to many. With a dream to empower teams and enhance processes, he encountered a pivotal question from his coach: "Is that all you want?" This question ignited a journey of self-discovery and transformation. 

Kata is for Everyone with Sam Morgan

In this episode, Sam Morgan and I discuss his personal journey into launching his coaching business to include his personal use of kata to make it happen.  We discuss the use of kata for both business and personal applications.

The Challenges Moving From Internal Lean Practitioner To External Consultant with Sam Morgan
The Challenges Moving From Internal Lean Practitioner To External Consultant with Sam MorgLee Houghton & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 50:02

In this episode of the podcast, host Lee is joined by guest Sam Morgan to discuss the challenges and mindset shifts involved in starting your own business and helping others as a change leader. They delve into the importance of building trust and confidence, taking small steps towards goals, and overcoming self-doubt. They also explore the challenges of valuing oneself, setting prices, and navigating the mental obstacles that come with starting a new venture. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 4.39.11 PM.png
with Sam Morgan
Confidence & Scientific ThinkingRon Pereira & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 01:04

This week’s guest is Sam Morgan. Ron and Sam discussed Sam’s coaching experiences and the connection between scientific thinking and confidence. They also discussed whether contentment and continuous improvement can coexist.

Screenshot 2023-01-18 183552.jpg

What is your individual purpose? So often, we talk about Organizational Purpose as part of our True North, but what about you personally? What motivates you to keep going during those challenging days?

In this episode, Sam Morgan joins us to share how he helps change people’s lives by assisting them to uncover their personal purpose while also understanding the process of Improvement Kata and tying it together through daily coaching.

Individual Purpose and Toyota Kata with Sam Morgan
Individual Purpose & Toyota KataJamie V. Parker & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 35:40
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