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Check out our podcasts where we'll discuss ways to uncover your purpose and the power of scientific thinking to build confidence and encourage a move toward your next big thing!

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with Sam Morgan

This week’s guest is Sam Morgan. Ron and Sam discussed Sam’s coaching experiences and the connection between scientific thinking and confidence. They also discussed whether contentment and continuous improvement can coexist.

Confidence & Scientific ThinkingRon Pereira & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 01:04
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What is your individual purpose? So often, we talk about Organizational Purpose as part of our True North, but what about you personally? What motivates you to keep going during those challenging days?

In this episode, Sam Morgan joins us to share how he helps change people’s lives by assisting them to uncover their personal purpose while also understanding the process of Improvement Kata and tying it together through daily coaching.

Individual Purpose and Toyota Kata with Sam Morgan
Individual Purpose & Toyota KataJamie V. Parker & Sam Morgan
00:00 / 35:40
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