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The Story Of Purpose - This Is Your Moment podcast: Illuminated edition with guest Samuel Morgan

The Story Of Purpose - This Is Your Moment podcast: Illuminated edition with guest Samuel Morgan

Hello, dear friends! With tremendous joy and gratitude, I introduce the This is Your Moment guest today. He is joining me to share his story and his purpose of illuminating the professionals on the path of finding, reconnecting with and remembering their purpose. This subject profoundly touches all of us because it’s through our collective that we get to know the greatness that lives inside each and every last one of us. Full of light and great energy - a purpose coach with an incredibly creative mind and caring heart Samuel Morgan shares the insightful story of his becoming who he is now and says that he can help you make that decisive first step towards your vision. What is unfolding is a remarkable journey into human nature and consciousness and no doubt that its impact through this kind of service to others is an exceptional contribution. You will be amazed how quickly this conversation goes really deep. After all - life is a game of love. Sam has reached far on his way to comprehending the kindness in communication - and from his heart, he shares his experientially discovered purpose. Our talk focused on the significance of tapping into human experience, making it relatable and easy to understand, and starting conversations with genuine curiosity and care. Among the many golden nuggets we shared, I love when Sam says that everyone is dying to share their stories. Knowing how to give them the opportunity to share them with us is an art worth mastering. Like my guest, as a powerful leader, you will also need both - your top energy level to keep bringing the best out of yourself, and also to embody and model this for the people who you are called to serve in life. Dear friends, please join me in welcoming my remarkable new friend Sam Morgan! ➡️ To connect directly with Sam and find out more about his work, choose the following: LinkedIn: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Heart-led leaders - allow your life to be magical, once again. Fine Art & Soul Retreat is where you recalibrate to the power within and create a masterpiece. Tune into all of you: #thisisyourmomentpodcast #indigoandverdigris #purpose #lifestyle