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Advice From An (Un)Confindence Coach

I probably shouldn’t admit this as a confidence coach.

But when I started my coaching business…

I’m not going to lie, I was scared 😥

I had never run my own business.

Sure I had seen my beautiful wife do it like a boss 👸🏾

But watching someone you love do it and doing it yourself is a horse of a different color

And of course their is no shortage of information and tips on how to do it:

🔹Hundreds of podcasts

🔹Thousands of books

🔹Tens of thousands of coaches

But the thing about it is, none of the podcasts, books or coaches can do the work for you.

You have to do the work. 😅

You have to start somewhere.

In fact one of the toughest questions all soloprenuers have to answer is:

Where do I start?

In todays video I’m going to give you the (not so easy) answer to this question

I’ll give you a hint…it’s not:

🔹Figuring out your product/service

🔹Figuring out your sales process

🔹Figuring out your ideal client

Need help jumpstarting as a solopreneur? Let's chat!

Comment below ⬇️ and share about where you started as an entrepreneur.

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