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Ready for more?

recently I was talking to a continuous improvement leader

and he asked me a question I’d never been asked before 🤷

he had reached out to me a few days before

sent me a DM asking if we could talk

said he had heard me on a recent podcast and resonated with my story📘

“You are literally doing what I would love to be doing full time.”

an engineer and quality leader for most of his professional career

he was ready to do more⏫

to fulfill his purpose

so we hopped on a call and I started to learn more

found out he had been working hard to grow and develop himself as a leader

finding unconventional ways to move forward⏭️

as a husband and father he wanted to provide

stable paycheck and benefits💵

but now he had this niggling feeling

he was ready to do more

break free from the corporate world🔗‍💥

to go out on his own




as we continued the conversation we talked about the possibility of working together

then came the question I never saw coming

“do you think I’m ready for this?” 💣

I had to pause…wonder internally

remind myself what I had seen and heard

I had that feeling from his messages and our 80 minute conversation

my mind, rewinding back my journey to take the leap

was I ever really ready?

“yes” I said with a smile on my face😃

“you are ready for this!”

what about you? I would love to hear from you.

if you were to be asked this question today how would you answer?

Comment👇below about how someone can tell you are ready to move on to the next step of your journey

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