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You’re Fu**ing Perfect!

striving for perfection in your process 🔄

but leader, holding that standard to yourself…

its killing you 😞

I love me some checklists

over the past few months

I’ve been creating one everyday

(except Sunday because my coach Christos says something about self care and taking a day off 😜)

taking a post it note 📝

writing 6-7 things down each day

to check off my list

this is helpful in getting me clear on my prioties for the day

seeing them clearly

but their have been multiple times where “perfectionist Sam” comes to play and he:

☑️is not kind

☑️speaks down to me

☑️tells me I have fallen short

over time I’ve learned how to speak to this part of me

to tell me, like I tell you today, when your perfectionist comes up

when you don’t get everything on your list done

You are Perfect

you don’t need any edits

Struggling with your inner perfectionist? Let's chat!

Comment below 👇🏻 on how you speak to the perfectionist in you

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