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Be Good to Yourself

Yesterday…another time being locked out.

Another opportunity to roll with the punches🥊

I was about to head out the door to take our dog Fritz out to an appointment.

Then we realized…we couldn’t find the car keys 🔑

We looked high and low.

In offices, kitchen drawers, and coat pockets…no luck.

We had a spare key for the ignition but none for the door.

I was frustrated. I was going to be late. ⏰

So I slowed down…picked up the phone and called our local lock out service.

Within a half hour they arrived and unlocked the door.

As they unlocked the door I thought to myself…

This is a great opportunity! 🎉

You see over the last couple years we have been opening the car through the passenger side. 🤦

Then walking around and getting in.

The lock on the drivers side has been broke.

So this was a great opportunity…an opportunity to get that fixed.

And in the next few days we will have that fixed…and that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t lose the keys.

Sometimes when situations look to be AGAINST you…they are actually FOR you!

So on this #socialsaturday when things don’t work out the way you want to remember two things:

1️⃣ It is FOR you!

2️⃣ Be good to yourself!!!

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