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Dancing in September

It’s official…I’ve made my decision.

My favorite month of the year is…📅

I remember as a kid always ruing the end of summer.

The sun and fun and freedom. 🌞

My birthday right as the school year ended.

Overnighters with friends staying up all hours and watching shows we shouldn’t.

Riding around the neighborhood on our bikes. 🚲

Then the day we would all dread.

When the calendars turned over to September. 📆

Today things have changed.

September means a change of seasons. 🍁

The start of the yellows, oranges and reds

School year beginning, football season and cooler weather. 🏈

Birthdays and anniversaries for you and those you love.

A chance for reflection and celebration. 🎉

So you’ll forgive me now as celebrate just a little bit as we roll into this new month.

My favorite month of the year…September!


on what your favorite month of the year is and why.

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