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Follow My Lead?

"Do as I say, not as I do" 🤣

this time the LOL was at my expense

yesterday i taken to post about having metrics for professional development

for the express purpose of seeing:




not for the express purpose of:

🔴getting angry with yourself

🔴negative self-talk

🔴value judgement

so it should come as no surprise

yesterday i set my goal to write 3 LinkedIn posts for the week in 4 pomodoros*

(pomodoro = a cycle of a 25 min working session + 5 min break)

so when it took me 2 pomodoros to write 1 post....

yup you guessed it

the anger at myself:

"when will you ever get good at this?!"

i could sense that feeling i was tying my value to the achieving this goal

all i could do was laugh....

and get to writing this post

for those of us as leaders and coaches we can often find it a challenge to "practice what we preach"

we talk often about seeing the red, yellow, green on our huddle boards 🚦

we tell our team to not see these as successes or failures

but as signs for opportunity

it sounds theory it's harder to reality

especially in our own lives as lean leaders

how can we measure how we are growing as leaders without judging ourselves

In today's video I'm going to tell you a story about my past that very few know and the three words that literally changed me life...and will change yours too

Struggling with judging yourself in your metrics? Let's chat!

Comment below 👇 on the challenges you face in judging yourself as a leader based on results

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