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7,303 Days ago...

7303 days ago it all started. 🗓

My life was changed forever.

Both of us worked in a bookstore 📚

Her in church resources, me in the music department.

I was the guy who walked around and gave everybody high fives, asked how their day was going.

She, not so much, her quiet kindness and positive energy. ⚡️

As her story goes one of the first times we met was in the lunch room…”hey Sally!”

“Uh, it’s Sidney” 😂

Our first time hanging out was on Valentine’s Day —-oddly enough it wasn’t a date.

We hung out and talked about music and faith and life.

There was synergy.

There was a connection…and an ease of being with her that felt so right from day one. 1️⃣

571 days later I found myself in front of God and everyone.

Pledging my love and life to the amazingly beautiful black princess. 👸🏾

Saying “I do.”

7303 days later I have one word that describes her in all the gorgeousness and passion and wisdom and care and fun and loyalty and and and…


7303 days ago she cast a spell on me that still lasts.

And this next week we are going away to celebrate all those days. 📆

Reflect on journey and envision the journey that lies ahead.

So for this next week you’ll excuse me for disconnecting…for going offline.

For stepping away, from you my beautiful community, to connect and be present with the women who is now and forever will be my beautiful black queen. 👸🏾

Until next Wednesday always, always remember you are a light. 💡

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