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Made For More Than A Paycheck

The end of the year has got you reflecting🪞

“I’m made for more than collecting a paycheck…

I’m made to impact the world”

You’re scared to admit it

Because if you spoke it out loud folks would say your crazy 😜

but deep down…

in your heart of hearts ❤️

You know you have a bigger purpose in this life

To impact lives in a meaningful way

If only someone would see you 👀

I’ve been there

When I walked into my first day at The Standard 9 years ago I heard this voice inside say:

“You will be one of the most impactful people to ever walk through these doors”

🔴I wasn’t the CEO

🔴I wasn’t the VP of Finance

🔴I wasn’t a manager in any way shape or form

I was simply a call center rep helping people with their retirement accounts

Over the past 9 years through all the roles I’ve had…I held onto this belief

A belief that I was made to impact people…

to change their lives

Over the years I spent time digging in and doing lots of self reflection.

Lots of work to grow my skills and capabilities and through it all…

I recognized that I wasn’t clear on my why…

my reason for being…

my purpose

It took time but in the end I got very clear on what my purpose is:

To be a light 💡

So as I get ready to check in for my last day at The Standard tomorrow I ask myself:

“Was I one of the most impactful people that ever worked there?”

But I think even that misses the point

Because the most important thing I’ll take away from my time at The Standard:

That I believe that I CAN make an impact on peoples lives 💥

Recently I was honored to be able to share more of my story around purpose with Jamie V. Parker on her podcast Lean Leadership For Ops Managers

In this episode you’ll find encouragement in your year end reflections to dig into your purpose and to live it out at work.

To believe that we all have a bigger purpose than just a title or a paycheck…

Not sure how to live out your purpose? Let's chat!

Comment below ⬇️ on how you are or aren’t living out your purpose at work.

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