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Perfectionist 101

leaders I have a 3 step process that is 93.67% guaranteed ✅

if you are looking to become a perfectionist just

follow my lead

in fact i have PERFECTED it over the last 46+ years 🗓️

and last year as i started my coaching business

I was following this proven method to a T

I had started out energized and excited about starting my coaching business

I had found myself one of the best Toyota Kata coaches around

I was ready to kick ass and take names

thats when the 3 step process kicked in:

1️⃣ set up a goal that you SHOULD be able to achieve

by July 11th have 2 clients and put in my 2 week notice to leave my job

this challenge was meant to be daunting and inspiring

the perfectionist in me tuned it into a 0 sum game

i had to win

so naturally the next step is…

2️⃣ work tirelessly to achieve it at ALL costs

sure I had daily bite size steps that i set up

so I could balance working on my business with my full time job & time with my family

reality was I sometimes spent multiple hours a day and..

still didn’t get all I wanted to done

as i approached the end of June

I didn’t have 2 clients

no resignation letter had been sent

so of course it followed into the last step…

3️⃣ feel like a FAILURE when you dont achieve

in those final days of June the frustration built

voices in my head became louder

"you’ve spent all of this time and money…and what have you got?"

Nothing….I felt like nothing..I had failed

I was a failure

the Results of this “magical” 3 step process

losing the desire to move forward and grow 😑

“they were right…this is harder than i thought…

if I couldn’t get 2 clients in 2 months

what makes me think i can make it

for even one month on my own

I should stop while I’m ahead!” ⛔

but I didn’t….and you dont have to either

ready to throw in the towel on your dreams?

Let's chat!

Comment below👇on what you do challenge the perfectionist in you

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