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To reconnect, sometimes you have to disconnect. 🔌

And this next week that’s what I’ll be doing.

This last week we talked a lot about purpose

We shared questions to ask others to uncover and draw out their purpose.

In our focus to give to others and energize them ⚡️

Our batteries get drained 🪫

We need to recharge 🔋

So this week I’m stepping away from Linkedin

I’m stepping into connection

With the refreshment of being near water 🌊

With the reenergizing of being with family ❤️

With the reflection on purpose 🧭

So this week I hope and pray that you find a little time to do the same for yourself.

Refresh. Reenergize. Reflect.

So that we can shine bright.

Until next week…

Be a light 💡

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