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Scared to take the leap?

I stood at the edge of the cliff, water below 🌊

Just like in my career, the question was...

Would I take the leap?

It was a warm summer day in Eastern Oregon 🔆

My friends and I were headed out in the afternoon.

Down to take a walk and a dip at a local swimming hole 🏊

As we made the walk in I was talking with my friends

The probably couldn't tell but i was scared shitless😨

Small talk

Nervous laughter

Jumping and bouncing around

When we got to our destination my pulse started racing ❤️

As I looked over the edge my heart in my throat

I could see the water from the creek racing

downstream, creating rapids

Folks jumping in, laughing, playing, having a grand old time.

There was my friend, the adventure seeker, outdoor guide

He fit right in

He jumped right in

He splashed right into that cold water

A scream of abandon

I was jealous...wishing i had the courage to live that way


I said yes...until 5 minutes went by.

Everyone was cheering for me; they could see the struggle was real.😱

Then i remember the kind words of a stranger:

"If it helps, I'll jump with you."

And maybe thats how you feel right now.

Looking out into the future of something exhilarating in your career

💗Your mind full of ideas that excite

💗Your soul full thinking of the lives you'll impact 💗Your heart racing with the thought of jumping out into your dream

If only you believed.

Sometimes what you need to take the leap is for someone to come alongside you and say:

"If it helps I'll jump with you"

Another three minutes went by and we counted down

3...this isnt safe

2...this is a mistake

1...i'm going to die, i know it

"Hoooolllllyyyyyy Shhhhhhiiiiiitttttttt"

15-20 feet later i was in the water celebrating with my new friend.

How bout you?

are you still stuck on the edge of the cliff ready...

to take the leap?

If you'd like encouragement to take the leap into the unknown let's chat!

Comment below 👇 on whats holding you back from jumping into your dreams

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