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Stuck in a rut!

I really didn't love what i was doing

But i was stuck..passion doesn't pay the bills 🧾

Insurance sales wasn't my first choice, but with three kids and a mortgage to pay

Sacrifices had to be made

I enjoyed it for a little bit I suppose..learning something new, analyzing data, helping people

But the honeymoon wore off pretty quickly

I remember one month we were having a sales contest 🏆

A standard one in the insurance business

Whoever quotes the most policies gets tickets to an NBA game 🏀

Of course i was in on that one, being a big sports fan

But as i was out selling i noticed that i was adding policies as recommendations, even though it wasn't necessarily in the best interest of the folx i was talking to.

I could justify it in my mind 🧠

its just a quote

its just a little policy

it's just a few dollars extra a month

deep down in my heart though, I didn't feel good about it😞

And there were other things of course that I didn't enjoy:

The buttoned up look

The calling prospects at all hours

The travel around town from meeting to meeting

Doing what I had to do to provide, to survive

In the end:

🔴 I was tired

🔴 I was wore down

🔴 I felt stuck in a rut

It spilled out into my life

Into my relationships with my wife, my kids, my friends and most

If this is a familiar story for you, let's chat!

Comment below👇 on how you can tell you are in a rut and what you do to get unstuck.

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