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The Scientist

I told my son “Judah you are a scientist!”

“I can’t be a scientist, I don’t have a coat!”👩‍🔬

You see Judah was excited about one of his first days of school and was sharing about his classes.

He started talking about science class. 🧫

I said, “you are a scientist because you do experiments all the time.”

“Oh yeah, I do experiments!” 🧪

My encouragement to you on today’s video is to have the attitude of a kid.

You see our kids love asking questions.❓

They are uber curious.

They are scientists in the making.

Trying new things, not worried about the results!

Not held back by fear of failure! 😨

For those of you looking to move on to your next big thing.

To achieve your dreams…to make your vision a reality.

Have the mindset of a scientist. 🧬

And the great thing is: you don’t need a lab coat and a beaker to get started.

Comment on how you use the magic of scientific thinking in your life.

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Nádia Cardoso
Nádia Cardoso

It's so inspiring! I focus on curiosity and on what I'll become after my experiences. I'm not afraid of what I'll go through. I care more about of who I'll become after having those experiences.

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