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Can you coach a coach?

Coaching coaches from around the world wasn’t my plan 🌍

and yet I did it three times this week….

I went into these conversations with other coaches

❤️Looking to build connection

❤️Looking to have conversation

❤️Looking to explore collaboration

One coach/consultant from South America shared their love to do sales…

But their challenge in feeling all alone

One coach in Oceania shared their desire to help folks find self belief

But didn’t feel clear on the specifics of who they helped

One coach in Europe shared their desire to help folks come into their full power

But felt anxious about jumping wholly into their coaching practice

By the end of our conversations:

✅They felt they weren’t alone

✅They felt they had greater clarity

✅They felt the push to loosen the chains & live free

But how the hell did this all happen?

It wasn’t magic 🪄

It wasn’t a even a fancy coaching technique I paid thousands of dollars to learn 💸

In todays video I’m going to share with you the two things that led to these powerful conversations.

Want to find out more about how to coach coaches...let's chat!

Comment below 👇🏻 on your one go to tip to impact others with coaching.

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